Wednesday, October 10, 2012


WOW !!! A dream come true for many many Transformers' fans and especially for the 80's new kids on the block who grew up with the Transformers.

Hoping one day a re-release is going to happen and it finally came. I was so happy to see the news of this release though I am not as fast as the die-hard fans.

It is a GREAT piece of good news for this holy grail of Transformer toy to be re-released after 10 years from Brave Maximus release.

For the price, it is no much different from the Brave Maximus market price, which I sold off many years and regretted later. So this is another opportunity to own one again.

Many are also hoping for the Grand Maximus to resurface but it may be resurrected if Fortress Maximus response is overwhelming enough to push the company to re-release it. Chances are high as they have been releasing reissues of the G1 toys ever since...

So grab yours if you miss the Fortress Maximus back in the 80's but it is definitely not going to be the same price as then.

Promotional picture of the Encore#23 Fortress Maximus

Original G1 Fortress Maximus - Picture - Courtesy of

Box Art of G1 Fortress Maximus 

G1 Grand Maximus

Box Art of G1 Grand Maximus

Brave Maximus

Box Art of Brave Maximus

Fortress Maximus video review by Optibotimus