Monday, October 8, 2012

What's the Catch? : Ringwraith Riding

Phew...!!! It has been more than a week since my last post. Been busy and unable to write but never miss the opportunity to seize the right toy that comes along.

And here comes a chance when my infrequent visits to the flea market ends up with no picks. But sometimes, you just hit it and I pick up a toy from Lord of the Rings.

My precious.....

Sounds familiar?

That is Gollum's verse for this precious and what is your precious. Hope you do not get too attached to your toys yeh.

One of my favorite toy lines from Toybiz and still collecting along my way, I pick up my second pair of the Ringwraith with the horse at a good price.

With the Hobbits movie coming along and the toys which I previewed, were no match to the original line, this set of Ringwraith and horse really kicks in. Wonder how many still remembers this line of toys, which of course, is not consider vintage yet.

The horse is well detailed but comes with a playable yet unnecessary front kicking action at the push of the button on it's butt (Butt - On?).

The red eyes lit up when you pull the rope. Cool !!!

Ringwraith figure is not so great since he is always hollow and faceless, but he does comes with a sword and scabbard. Some tattering of the cloak and mud splattering completes the figure.

Nevertheless, here is the menace reveal from my journey to the toy hunt.


  1. This thing is just wicked looking.

    1. One mean wicked toy. See if I can gather at least 6 of them.