Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collection Exposed : The Mask - Wolf transformation

While digging into my hoard of toys wrap up in ziplog bags, I found the Mask form the movie which Jim Carrey acted in 1994 and it was a big hit that also introduces Cameron Diaz to the silver screen in WOW!!!

Fortunate enough, they do have some toys to go with and some silly images created based on the character. Playable and fun which I got it loose many years back in the flea market.

This action figure shows a large wolf dropping jaw down to his torso. and popping eyes.

Just one of those toys which you see in the era of Ghostbusters and they do not exist in such manner now.

Here is he, in some brought back shots. Hope he fills in your Halloween time.


  1. Feels like a Ghostbusters figure. Haha. Thanks buddy