Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watch Movie : Paul

Hi there, welcome to the new October 2011!!!

Today, I am doing a bit different by putting up a screened movie and who says this column only introduces new movie. I termed it as "Watch Movie".

So here is Paul, a typical looking Alien with big eyes and oval shaped head crashing into two English comic book nerds in Area 51, while escaping the government agents, who have been keeping him in captivity. Well, wait until Paul discloses the secrets of innovations which are ever known to us are his ideas.

Both nerds are traveling to America to SDCC (San Diego Comic Convention), a mecca for all comic and toy fans.  this is a must watch as we are all fans of comic heroes, toys and movies.

Kind of fun and interesting journey that bundles these together.

Go catch Paul if you missed him on the last screening and laugh at his crude human behavior adopted on Earth.

SDCC and Area 51. Anyone?

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