Monday, October 17, 2011

Toy Viewing : Onslaught

Good Monday Morning ! A fresh week start with Onslaught again but in full view.

Arises from the essence of consciousness of Xavier and Magneto, Onslaught is almost invincible.

His thick armor plates reminds me of a crab and more similarity for this version of Onslaught.

Physically he looks like a mutation of crab and some kind of a bug (lady bird???) and he got a bird like pair of legs.

His face resembles Megatron from the first Transformers Movie to me.

What a dynamic combinations.

Oh, He is a BAF  (Build-A-Figure) from the Marvel Legends Onslaught Series 13 produced by ToyBiz in 2006, if you have forgotten.

Note; All pictures are copyrighted by jimho

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