Saturday, October 8, 2011

Upcoming Movie : Three Musketeers

 The Three Musketeers again.......

  How many re-make do we have to go through?

  I cannot comment much until I seen it and for now, it will just be the trailer for us to judge whether it is worth to drop that money.

  However, the last movie made was in 1993. Oh, it is almost 20 years. The show features a hit song " All for Love" by the three great singers ( Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart). They do make a good threesome for the song.

 The 1993 Movie, should bring on some fun and laughter and a sense of righteousness of the musketeers. For old time sake, I included the trailer for all to review.

2011 Three Musketeers

1993 Three Musketeers

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