Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collection Exposed : Mask

Mask - Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. A 1980's cartoon series featuring convertible vehicles that hide their deadly powers underneath the normal form. The transformation is not in the same league as transformers though both are fighting hard for their audiences back then.

Back then, I managed to scrimped on my pocket money just to get my first "Raven" and then a "Thunderhawk" car driven by Matt Trakker. The rest is history.

From toys in this era, you can expect the production comes from Hong Kong, Macau, Mexico and places which we no longer seen being made for toys now except China. This makes toys from the 80's more interesting.

Here I took a simple video to showcase my little collection. Not of very high quality but enough to for you to view comfortably. As you can see all my toys are played with and not mint condition. They show signs of victory and defeat in battles.

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