Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's the Catch? : Prince Isildur, Council Legolas and Strider from Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is still one of my favourite movies since its debut in 2001. Amazing scenes and mythical settings with knights, Elves, Orcs. Fantasy in a box.

I began collecting the actions figures at a later stage where fans start dropping out and that is where genuine fans stayed and continue to savour the fantasy. At that time, I would say Toybiz has done a great job for most of the figures which they have acquired the scanning technology to bring the accuracy of the figures to life. Even now I still think they are great figures to me and I am still hunting them down.

So to say, I am still collecting a piece or two, whenever I come across a figure which I do not have and at a reasonable price. Afterall, the fun of collecting is not just about getting the toy I want but get a good deal out of it and you got to meet people from the same interest. It is a part of the package in the adventure of toy hunting and spotting.

Everybody wants to buy low and eventually hope to sell high. If the latter part is your intent, then we know where is your stand. But my advice is, toys are never meant for investments and even if it do, it is a lesser investment instrument to land your money into. And if you have attachment to your investment instrument, it will be hard for you to make sensible judgement to dispose as toys are emotion and attachment items. Non-attachment is one of the key to successful investment. Oh I getting a bit too far. Let us get back to middle earth.

Ok, as I am saying on my collecting of LOTR figures, I bumped into these 3 figures which I bought over the flea market.

First I saw Prince Isildur and Wow, that is one figure which I never came across in my search in "evil bay" so I decide to go for it.

Saw another Council Legolas, which I have been eyeing for long and have yet to get it. Finally, got him within budget.

Third is a figure of strider, which I do not have. It is quite a regular figure, since he is not in my collection. I might as well get him at a bundle price with Legolas from the seller.

So here they are. Not impressive but enough to light me up after many hard days before....


  1. These are good grab especially Prince Isildur.

  2. Same thoughts too and that is why I grab it after a short consideration of pacing. Sometimes, I may get to sensible and just lose some chances of getting some great pieces. But to me if I hesitate too long, that means I am not all out yet for that toy, so missing it may be a good thing. Collecting can be so self compelling. Haha.