Monday, October 3, 2011

What's the Catch? : A few good finds - Bizarro, Buffy, Sniper Wolf & PaiMei

A great weekend that all collectors enjoy, when they jabbed into great finds. Another treasure uncovered.

Here is just one few days which I happen to gun down a few good finds, especially when you are already streamlining and starts to be aware of your buys to cautiously add to your collection. If you are one such category, congratulations, you are the few who has started on the journey of Self-Awareness Collecting (S.A.C.). Which means less rubbish being created and maybe less money spent on plastics.

When it comes to buying loose figures, you just cannot be fussy. Trick is price should somehow be justifiable along with the condition and completeness of the item,. Worthiness is your call. It usually begins with how emotionally sane you are when you are determinining a purchase. Pay a price that you are comfortable and will not regret thereafter. Walk away from a deal if you are not comfortable. All you need is patience to find your next treasure. Weigh your priorities. Just ask yourself : "Is this toy the last few pieces in the world?", "Does the price match your expectations"?. Hope this helps your process of buying. This will make you grow along with your collecting adventure.

Anyway, it is always when you are not expecting and things starts surfacing in front of you. Here comes the four figures which came knocking on my toy chest.

First, Bizarro, from DC Direct. 
Second is Buffy the vampire slayer from Moore. Series 1 (M.A.C) version.1999
Third, Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Series of McFarlane. 1999
Fourth. PaiMei from Kill Bill Series 2 of NECA. 2005

Bizarro, Standing zombie like in the toy closet. I chose him as he is a btter Bizarro version to me and he looks more like a zombie. And yes! His overall style is very nostalgic. 

Buffy, the vampire slayer. Series 1 special edition in blue jacket by Moore. I have been looking for her for quite some time and here she is wrapped up in a closet for sale. Loose and complete.

Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear created by McFarlane, 1999. This is one toy line which I like. Prices are high for this series but this lady killer is reasonably priced and complete. BAck then, it was sold in SGP 19.90. Now evil prices fly...

PaiMei from Kill Bill Series 2 by NECA. 2005. He came with a surprise bundle, which I will disclose in the very near future posts. Anyway, he is complete but with some blemishes of paint. 

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho.

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