Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback : StarCom : The U.S Space Force

Another Flashback time. Let us travel back to the 80's, when cartoons and toys are thriving in craze.

StarCom, a 1980's cartoon series and produces innovative toys back then. Considering toys with automatic motion without batteries. It fascinates every new kid on the block. With a touch of the button...zzzzzz. the cargo bay of the vehicle comes out mechanically.

In addition, it features magnetic features for the figures boots to be attached to the parts of the vehicles which is to simulate gravity utilized in space missions.

For me, I only have the Starmax bomber with Captain Rip Malone, which is kind of a price piece for me. Due to age and play, it has definitely seen it's years of mission. Now it has collected a neat wear from discoloration and rust. I see it as a battle wear though it is no longer displays it's whiteness. It has been customized over time. It is two tone design now and all I did for him is general cleaning and I just leave the stains as it is.

It still have the 4 bombs but the side cannons have decommissioned due to battle damaged.

Do not think there is another just like mine as it brings back fond memories of adventure and childhood silliness.

Come to think of it, Captain Rip is barely 2.5 inches tall. That makes him one of the shortest action figures produced even up until now? But he is definitely the shortest among the popular toys back then.

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