Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's the Catch? : Wanna Kill Bill?

Who wanna kill Bill?

Yes, Beatrix Kiddo, The Bride codenamed "Black Mamba".

Comes in 2 volumes and so does the action figures produced by NECA. Hopefully, we get volume 3 figures when the third movie is out in 2014. That near???!!!

Anyway, let us enjoy the current two sets done by NECA in 2005.

Weeks ago, I managed to grab hold of both sets at a single deal and just missing one piece of Crazy 88 fighter but make it up with a special edition of Quentin Tarantino fighter. This time, Tarantino get himself disguised as one of the Crazy 88 fighters and created into an action figure again.

If you have more Crazy 88, you can create a scene where Beatrix is surrounded by fighters in the movie. I have included one video (courtesy of ActionfigureExpert) on his display below.

Both sets I gotten already comes with age and yellowing on bubbles seems inevitable. But to me, price is right, toy is good and complete. Who cares about the package. It is meant to protect the toy. Am I right?!!

Figures generally do not have many articulations and poses are moulded to maintain the stance. Amazing accessories and also innovative enough to include fake blood to simulate blood splashes using a pump. However, the blood now turns pink due to age again.

Out of all figures, Go Go has the worse sculpt. It is such a let down for her to turn out to be much less prettier than she should be.

Over here, PaiMei is loose when bought and I eventually took out one of the crazy 88 to play. Am still contemplating if I should tear all out now or keep a a few pieces intact.

Before I can showcase some portraits of them, here they are in package for you to see.

So here they goes......

Volume 1 comes with
1) The Bride
2) Go Go
3) Crazy 88 fighter with Axe
4) Crazy 88 fighter with sword.
5) Crazy 88 fighter Quentin Tarantino (Special Edition)
6) Crazy 88 fighter with sword and moustache ( Which I do not have)

The Bride

Go Go

Crazy 88 Fighter

Crazy 88 fighter

Quentin Tarantino as Crazy 88 fighter

Volume 2 comes with 
1) Bill
2) Beatrix
3) Elle
4) PaiMei




Pai Mei

Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2 Sets

The Crazy 88 (Courtesy of ActionFigure Expert)

Note: All pictures are copyrighted by jimho except "Kill Bill" posters.

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