Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's the Catch? : Orc Shaman from World of Warcraft

From the infamous Blizzard online games, World of Warcraft, numerous characters have emerged and take fantasies into the hearts of all fans. While not neglecting their potential of the characters which mostly based on mystical beings and with such rich basis, they are great to be released into our world of action figures.

Design and produced by DC Unlimited, the figures are known for its immerse details and statue posture with limited articulations. So much less that one can say they do not qualify for action figures.

Well, if you are an adult collector and rarely plays with your toys, they are good display pieces. So no screaming at the losses but focus on its details.

Apart from the very few WOW figures I had, Rehgar Earthfury, Orc Shaman, is one of the few outstanding figures which I wanted to get. He comes from series one and one of the few I like with the immerse detailing from his head to toe and armor are insanely crafted.

Based on his size, he can probably match up and stand off with my Hulk as green is their fave.

So if you ever wanted to have this guy, be prepared to sacrifice for movements. Aim for the details. You will not be disappointed.