Monday, September 2, 2013

Collection Exposed : MOTU 2000 action figures

It's September !!! A month to rejoice as we are crossing over to the last quarter of 2013 soon and Christmas will be here before you know it. So before you start whining the year has passed, you still have three more months to accomplish whatever you have left off.

For now, I got to catch up with my posts and here is what I can share to you. MOTU 2000 !!!

After the masters of universe in the 1980, we have the arrival of MOTU 2000 which sparks off a new era of He-Man fans and old fans alike but somehow, it did sway off as many expected the remake of the old characters and not a rebirth.

That somehow costs some downhill run for MOTU which mattel tries to revive its formal glory of the characters.

However, things are not as bad since some collectors still claims their rights into this line with a different perspective though the power of Grayskull may not have exploded until the Classics line came upon.

Looking back, MOTU 2000 is actually better design in its way and details can still match up til today's standard though they lack some articulations in comparisons.

So here are some of my little collection of them.


  1. Must get more of these for my collection mix!

    1. I saw you have a Tri Klops. You have to get more of these figures as they carries much more details and interesting accessories.

  2. Some of the sculpting on these figures is better than the MOTUC.

    1. Yes, indeed. The designs are actually better in this line.