Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ART : The Beetle Bug !!!

Volkswagen Beetle, a very nostalgic car which everyone can identify from its design. Look! It's a Beetle! Over here, we called it the tortise car. The hump back design resembles a tortise shell more than a bug.

I personally prefers the original bugs and they definitely is a head turner when they are restored. It is a highly collectible car now as it enters into the classic category.

But here I am not going into the details of automotive but the art aspect of Beetle named "Vochol" presented in this museuem of Mexico, which is decorated painstaking by beads and Fabric.

As Beetle is such an iconic car, it has went into movies such as "Herbie" and even our favorite Transformers' character, "Bumble Bee" was originally a Bug rather than a Camero.

From Art, Movies to Toys, a bug never ceases it's draw of attention.

Herbie starring Lindsay Lohan in 2005. Where is she now?

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