Friday, September 23, 2011

New Toy Release : 25th Anniversary Unicron

Picture of Unicron : Courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Introducing the 25th Anniversary Unicron. It is not really a new toy but rather a new paint job from the last 2010 Takara Unicron. Should be the same mold, just repaint.

But I like this paint job, it has the chrome feel added to him compares to the 2010 version. Both versions are great, it is just how the paint job appeals to you and how it brings out the different emphasis.

The 25th Anniversary Unicron have the similar packaging as Costco BumbleBee released previously. Clear window box for presentation.

If you already have the 2010 Unicron, you might as well save the money for other toys. Unless you have spare cash to throw and crazy about this new paint job of Unicron, then it is great to have it added to your collection. You now have a pair of identical twin Unicrons to your collection.

I personally owns a piece of 2010 Takara Unicron but this paint job do strike out in appeal to me too.

Ok, I just pulled out a video review for your judgement and the rest is up to you.

I have added 2 links for you to explore the different sides of him in Seibertron.

Courtesy of Soundout Productions.

Picture  : courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Comparison between 2010 and 25th Anniversary version. Picture: Courtesy of Seibertron.Com

Box Art of 2010 Takara Unicron 

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