Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's the Catch?: Mutant Earth - Stan Winston

As I was browsing and looking for credible finds of toys, I stumbled across a set of action figures from Stan Winston creation.

These figures dates back to 2001 when Stan winston started to realize his creations into toys, which in the article of ToyFare (October 2001), he commended Todd McFarlane for doing a great job on his creations like Pumpkin Head, Terminator , Edward Scissorshands etc. And he somehow decides to bring his creation into reality by himself.

Passed away on 15th June 2008, Stan Winston has created notable creatures which we grew up knowing in fear and fantasy and now I able to get a piece of the master's mind in action figures.

Since I just got them, they will remain in the box until I release them for my photo-taking. For now, I just took them in MIB first.

Due to age, some yellowing of the bubbles are inevitable but I do not care as long as the figures are in great condition and the price is good.

Speaking of the figures, they are well ahead of their time in 2001, just like McFarlane's figures. The details and attention to hide joints are given serious thoughts. You can tell that if you observe closely.
The cards of each figure bears it's characters' pictures and each figure comes with a base and accessories.

But why do these figures aren't well received simply because they are not as popular. A niche group may know Mutant Earth or even read about them. So at that time the price of these figures are surprisingly reasonable around USD 10, which Stan may want to market at an affordable price.

Most collectors goes for brand and popularity. At times, you are missing the idea behind. I am glad these did not sky rocketed in price. Even as I mentioned the cool side of these toys, these figures are not going to hike up because Stan Winston's passing. We should give credits to Stan Winston's for his innovations for the movies which his studio ihas contributed and he dares his creations into action figures, which are affordable.

So before I take chances to portrait them, here are they as carded. Oh, this set actually have 6 figures, I only got the best 4.

At first, I only wanted to get Horrg, which resembles Stan Winston's "The Swamp Thing" but all 4 displays great details to my surprise. So here they are.

Their next appearance will be under "Portrait of Toys" column.


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