Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch Movie: Smurfs

  Another 80's cartoon into the big screen. I have anticipated for transformers to turn into the movie when I was a kid back then. Smurfs are my usual Sunday morning blue cartoon which I have diligently reported to.

 Never knew it was created by a Belgian cartoonist, Peyo, until I chanced upon a travel show introducing a comic museum in Europe.

Not just another cute flick targeting at cute lovers. 

However, after watching the movie, I would say there is an amount of lessons to the meaning of life which you can pick up and stop to think about it. Sure do Smurfs know how to live and enjoy their way of life. The ever cheerful and harmonious spirit is what our society is draining away but Papa smurf always has a way to guide and bring positiveness to his smurfs. 

You will smurf it if you watch beyond the movie lines. You will learn and appreciate life from there. 

 If you are interested in the facts, just google for the official Smurfs

So will the toy line pick up like crazy transformers does? This is a niche market out of the niche market. What do you think? 

There are people who still think they came from America which is downgraded from AAA rating and worse, they actually sprung out from Europe. Shouldn't they landed in Chinatown? 

Below is a pair of Smurfs action figure which I do not think they exist in the market. They will have to change the movie concept if smurfs were to look like these. 

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