Monday, September 12, 2011

Site Features : Sound Wave added!!!

1 day after 9/11 of 2011. I officially announced the launch of a Juke Box into this site.

Music is the soul of connection of feelings and emotions sparkled according to the tunes. This is highly demonstrated in the movies, where the mood is largely determined by the music scores created for the scenes.

If you do not believe, turn off the volume and watch the movie.

Over here, you will get to listen to the soundtracks from the movies which I have selected for you to experience.

Does it enhanced the mood of the site while you explore my space? You tell me! Enjoy as always...

SoundWave will continues to update the soundtracks and songs from the movies, games, anime, cartoons to keep us inspired.

------------------>Updates : 10th Oct 2011
Check out the soundtracks updated in the jukebox.
1) Real Steel soundtracks
2) Immortals
3) 300 Movie
4) Rise of the Immortals
5) Mortal Kombat
6) Narnia Main Theme
7) Three Musketeers

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