Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watch Movie : Real Steel

Real Steel - In year 2020, Robots replaced Humans in boxing !!! How is that as a story line?

By then, Rocky is really dated to watch.

I am only excited by the robots in action. It looks like transformers has became un-transformable and contraint to a ring as battlefield. Boring? Not until you watch it. For now, it is only the trailer that shows the extract of the movie.

The robots do remind me of the animation movie "Robots" except for the bulk.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.

--------------> Updated : 9th Oct 2011

I just watched the "Real Steel" and would say it is a movie worth watching.

Plot may be expected but you cannot deny the thrill of Robot Boxing upfront. Metal clashing action!!!

The final fight of Atom with Zeus do resembles the determination of Rocky Balboa in his comeback fight with Mason where over here, Atom is really a real steel as he can sustain the same damage as Balboa.

I do not want to spoil the fun but since you read this, the results somewhat goes with Balboa.

Young Max also adds a punch to the movie with his wisdom and stead.

In the end, real boxing cannot be replaced without experience boxing and Jackman shows it all in the end.

As for the toys, in my opinion. They just fail to live up to expectations except maybe Zeus and Atom. Paint work is off. At SGP 24.90 for 6 inch figure from Jakks Pacific, you judge yourself.

Mean time, enjoy the movie.


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