Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Priestess in War......Sister Benedron of Warcraft

Running in the series of Warcraft figures that I have acquired, Sister Benedron is not one of the favorite figures which I have to get but to due to some bundle opportunites, she just has to fall into place.

For figures in the Warcraft line designed and produced by DC Unlimited, you will just have to open them them up to appreciate the art behind them and only then, they will be able to WOW you.

Upon close examination, I would say, she has a cross feel of a Roman statue and Indian fashion in her. The black color skin choice is not the influencing factor but it is more on her clothing, posture and the pair of wings.

Though she is not articulated in any way, she is well posed with satisfying paint job to enhance her features.

I have took the liberty to modify the emblem which is hung in the front and move it to her dress on her back. The weapon is now detached and let her hold on her hand in the posture.

If you are looking for articulation in this figure, it is always disappointing but details says it all. I do not recommend paying a high price for her unless you terribly desires her.

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    1. Glad you like it. I am gaining in these series of figures and will try to post more exciting figures forward.