Thursday, April 30, 2015

A She-Elf in Warcraft.......Valeera Sanguinar


For the real fans of Warcraft gaming, she is no stranger but to people outside World of Warcraft, Valeera Sanguinar is a very attractive figure.

For many of Warcraft characters, their names are not easy to remember for general public and it may get on your nerves trying to recollect their identity.

Fortunately, many have an animal association features or some mystic creatures which we know in many fantasy stories.

For Valeera Sanguinar, she is an Elf and that makes her outstanding especially she is made to be what a She-Elf is expected of. Donned in red costume and posing in a fighting stance, many cannot missed her outright!

The key thing as always in DC Unlimited Warcraft figures is minimum or non-existence of articulations and I would say, the posture which has been fixated on Valeera Sanguinar, is dynamic as it is. You do not need articulations in her but she do have 2 turning points on her right wrists to twist her holding blade and let elbow for minor posing purpose.

With that, you are practically left to admire this figure with your imagination as she is.

She do have sloppy paint jobs done on her face, hair, chest and trimmings of body armor. All can be forgiven for that she is a She-Elf, isn't it?

In the way she has to pose, she cannot "survive" without a pair of transparent disc bases stuck onto her feet to give her balance and fall free.

Putting aside her flaws which can be overlooked if you are not a perfectionist, who do not welcome a Rogue in Elf form?

If you ever get these Warcraft figures, they will surprise you more than they are in the box.

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