Monday, April 6, 2015

What is Tavru Akva?


Who and what is Tavru Akva? Does Warcraft rings a bell?

If you do not play Warcraft, I believe the name makes no sense to you, likewise to me. But that does not matter here in Daily Toyz. Here lies another interesting and menacing figure that is worth investigating even if you never knew him.

Since Warcraft line of figures have been taken over by DCDirect on the design and production, many characters have surfaced and many have are known to be detailed in their design.

As I do not play the game and looking as a collector angle, this is an awesome figure to discover.

Putting aside his responsibility in the game, he is solely based on a walrus and ironically, his weapon is a spear made of fish head bone. It  is very realistically designed and done with strings loop with hooks to add to his usage. The wood texture adds to the realism of it.

The awesome details are displayed through the pictures which I have taken and for many who have known this line of action figures, they are basically statues with limited articulations. In this case, Tavru Akva has only 2 wrists articulating for the adjustment of his spear holding.Which means, for the rest of his life, he is stuck in this javelin position and he did spectacularly well.

Details and paint job are the major strengths of Tavru Akva and you will not be disappointed with him since he do carries some weight.
Overall, a great piece to add to your collection especially for adult collector who displays their toys and he should come reasonably priced compare to figures like that Iron Man.


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