Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toy Viewing : The Incinerator of Transformers

From the Return of the Fallen, here comes Incinerator. He is transformable into a CV-22 Osprey which we sees the plane in the movie which the soldiers are transported.

Incinerator comes as a Voyager class and a very low profile figure, mainly because he does not transform in the movie and he is an ally transport. However,  it is a contradiction figure as he wears a Decepticon badge now.

He comes with two versions. The one I have here is the Takaratomy version and he comes in a black color which I think he looks more aggressive than the Hasbro grey version.

In the plane mode, he is well hidden even at the base that his robotic parts are well concealed. The transformation is one of the easiest as compared to many his movie counterparts and he features an automorph when it does transformation during the head sequence.

He does not comes with hands and the rotor blades acts as a weapon. He is like Edward Scissors hands without hands. Blades are their forte.

One bad side which I do not appreciate is his big back pack that he carries in his robot mode but you will realize that this makes his transformation much easier.

I am always impressed with the vehicle mode for the movie transformers and this Incinerator does takes the awe of the Osprey. They even give him a retractable landing gear and a gimmick to rotate both rotors by pulling back the round radar.

If you see him, I do recommend you get him.


  1. Normally i won't go for these movie TFs but i think this one is pretty cool.

    1. Haha, I usually go for movie TF as they are technically challenging and lots of engineering as went into them which spins off the latter TF series.