Monday, April 13, 2015

Overkill in Spawn Classics

When Spawn action figures are in full force driving insane details in the market, they have accomplished a high level in the year 2001. In that year, Spawn series 20 was born and a deluxe box in this series is Overkill.

The sheer size and details packed in this figure is superb even until today's standards. He is one juggernaut of Spawn that smells power.

The color and tone washing are very well executed which he has a some bionic metal growing in him which covers from his chest how. He has 9 articulations and was not given the knee joint that he shall always remain in a squat position. May be practicing on some kungfu stance.

He also features 3 hand cannons on both arms which can be hidden on his left arm, while the right arm is fully extended. The chains are also additional decoration for him and you can either wrapped them round his hand to make a tougher appeal for a punch or at your imagination. For accessories, he still have his signature parking meter as the choice weapon for some serious damage.

For an early 2000 action figure, he still live up to a great collection and still smashes on for more good years to come as some things will never be the same in the future.

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  1. I have always liked this big goofy guy for some reason.

    1. His bio-mechanical body makes him a contender for X-Men....may be?