Saturday, December 13, 2014

Who is Johann Krauss !

 Who cares about Johann Krauss? A gas spitter !!! If you ever know HellBoy, you will know who he is.

Seen in the movie, he is in an ectoplasmic form and hides himself in a containment suit that allows to function like a human body.

The interesting suit design which he was given in the movie looks very much like a vintage diving suit. This means he can cosplay other characters in your collection as well. Pretty versatile.

He came with two pairs of hands, one of them has a gas purging out from his fingers, and a crack dome .

He can double up a fireman without the hands and looks like open hoses ready for water firing.

What I like about him is the intricate details on his suit and the whole fell of him looks more like a diving adventure. The bronze paint wash over the suit completes the overall appeal to the an adventure.

Whichever you want him to be, he is one unique action figure to add to your collection.

Beware of his outrageous gas, even Iron Man is put away by it.

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    1. He is versatile as a space man, deep sea diver or fire man? Haha.