Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mutant Earth : Crippler


The last of the figure in this series of Mutant Earth and here comes Crippler. I do not read the comics so I cannot relate any background on this guy.

However, in an action figure perspective, I can show you how wicked this guy is. I do not know what to call him...a beast? He is definitely not a man but rather an alien being.

If you have saw the other figures in the series which I reviewed and posted, the detail characteristics of these guys are on the league. There is a 360 degrees of details going on around him with a bird like scales running through his body, featuring bird like feet. He is also mechanically designed at the back that shapes like a claw that I use it to hold his weapon. It may not be that purpose but it holds well.

Since he is an early 2000 figure, joints are pretty much basic with no ball joints but simple cut joints for shoulders, hips, wrists and waist. In total of 7 articulations only.

Standing at 7.5 inches, heavy top and bird feet, he cannot stand well but thoughtfully, a base is provided in each figure. A simple yet detailed desert sand ground base to hold them.

Crippler came with 2 accessories such as his power machine gun and a big hammer. I do not see why he has an advance machine gun and yet needs a clumsy hammer to lug around for battle. It simply makes no battle sense. Well that's comics and fantasy.

For all the details put in for the body and armor with a new character, you cannot doubt the creations of Stan Winston who has brought us Terminator and Predator.

With 2014 closing, this makes a good completion for my Mutant Earth figures.

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