Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Adventures of Toy Hunting in Christmas Season

With holiday season coming to an end of 2014 and here is my last post for this year.

For this Christmas season, it has been a wonderful time with my nephew and niece visiting.

Nothing beats having to go around picking up toys with them while they promise to keep secrets of your haul into the house. The fun and adventures kicks in when they find thrill through the figures you acquire along th way in the shops and direct dealing with collectors.

They too have their fair share of hunting for their Lego Minifigures in the flea market, hunting and searching for the best deal they can get within their Christmas budget. I almost lose out to their stamina while searching high and low for their minifigures to fill their lego houses.

While mission accomplishes for them, it is my turn to recover and secure my dig.

This time picks mainly circulate around older figures for me which I found toys from Kenner Predators and Small Soldier Punchit together with the MOTU 2000X figures and the newer Neca Predators while adding a Green Goblin baf from Marvel Spiderman series is a great addition for a good price does not hurt. Let's see what other damages have been done !

Wishing all buddies a Happy New Year Ahead !

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