Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What's the Catch : Wizards Shogakukan Bolshack Dragon

It is 2017 and shame on me to write my very first blog post today. However, I am still in for toys but just that I am lazy into instagram which is very much what everyone is getting into.

Everybody move from platform to platforms and many have left and close their blogs.

Unfortunately, I am the lazy one who left my blog for months. But having said that, I realized that reading through my blog, brings back memories of how I was back in those times through my own writings. It is like a diary to me. Cool. So even nobody is reading, but I still find some daily hits on my blogs, it's worth keeping it.

So here I go again on slow pace.

To start off, I am still collecting and trying to cut down by selling off. As my blog did not show, I have ventured into some Sofubi like Bandai Godzilla and expanding my MOTUC. This year has been slowing and cutting back on my Marvel Legends as the characters are less familiar to me and I am stopping the chase. Guess I have enough of what I want except for some selectively good ones.

I will try to showcase my new collected figures slowly.

Instead of starting with my first purchase figure in 2017, I introduce my first rip off buy for this year - Bolshack Dragon, which I never knew who he is. The only attraction is his big wings and dragon mix of dinosaur features.

He is produced in 2003 and mainly created for kids to play at that time. He has a sturdy built but mine had his battery pack broken and lost. Overall, he is complete with removable shoulder and hip armor flaps. Detail dragon scales. Quality plastics and have some weight to it.

He comes with roaring gimmick and light up right hand but all these cannot work due to the lost battery pack.

With a cheap price tag, I can definitely overlook the flaws.

A common praise....He is Awesome ! 

With the hunting fun and surprise find plus the price, he is definitely the unforgettable experience toy hunt I got in 2017.


Here is the sneak peak of Bolshack Dragon. See how big he stands besides a 3.25 inch Colossus.

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