Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Haul of Fame : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT - Movie

With the Ninja Turtles coming back on board with the Nickelodeon cartoon series and the spin of the action figures until the this year's movie since 1990's, fans have gotten a serious roll of action figures to fill their toy desires.

The issuing of classic turtles that has transformed into 6 inches sizes are a real treat and this is one complete set of collection which no turtle fan can turn down. Added with the two sidekicks of Shredder, I just got to relive the fond days of TMNT in bigger sizes. Aren't they going to make a Shredder and Splinter to go along? Seems like it make better money sense to reissue the 1990's movie turtles rather than a Shredder or a Splinter.

Then came the11 inches size turtles from this year's movie, which has very individual characteristics, unlike the classic figures that is basically made from the same body design.

The movie edition went ahead with different body sizes of each turtles and unique outfit cum color for each of them. Putting that together you have a new cool TMNT design which the only setback will be their lack of articulation. No Waist and elbow articulation is enough to put do some decent kung fu stances.

But how often you get each turtle design differently? 

They are basically design and made for kids to withstand the harsh kids battling them around and big enough for them to cuddle around.

The big kids might view them as a disappointment but after getting them, they looks really awesome standing together as a team.

There are much hidden details added though lacking in some areas of paint but overall, they are good additions in my opinion and I buy them because they are a team of unique turtles to date.

While I work on a detail post on them, you can awe the heroes in the hard shell for now..Turtle Power !!!

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  1. pretty nice haul! although i'm not entirely a fan of this adaptation of the Ninja Turtles, and i'm not suggesting the movie would go with the 90's TMNT.

  2. It's a whole new concept for TMNT apart from the Nickelodeon version. It just make them look meaner for movie appeal.