Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mars Attack Martian Brain Distintegrator

Buying a toy that has never left the box and risked of having a rotten battery compartment are what I have undertaken as a risk buyer.

The Martian Brain Disintegrator is an interesting ray gun produced as a merchandize during the launch of the movie back in 1996, however, the gun has a very interesting features besides sounds and lights. It has a tuning knob to vary the frequency of the firing sound of the gun and also the brain in the gun actually riggles along while you trigger.

How interesting as you do not get such toys made now.

Unfortunately, mine has suffered the consequences as a battery operated toy problem and it does not "fires" anymore.

However, the gun itself and the box art are still very coooool.

Here are their glory.

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  1. My understanding on this one it's a harder to find piece.

    1. I just find it very interestingly made and who can miss a martian gun.