Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Golden Boy.....Batman of Michael Keaton

Today's hero is the golden boy from the Kenner toy line of Batman from 1990, when Batman is portrayed by Michael Keaton, and toys exploded with excitement.

We are fed with unrecognizable action figures with vague likeness to the actors, which in any case, maybe due to licensing or technology capability. Whichever and whatever happens, we are all happy with the action figures.

Trends of recollecting retro toys from the 80's line seems to catch up, toy companies have taken interest to produced "backdated" action figures of the 80's-90's, mimicking limited articulations and characters of the past. Some which have never got to see daylight, finally gotten a new hope.

Action figures from ReAction has taken the step to design and produced the standard figures of the 80's- 90's similar to Kenner series and trying to entice a new breed of craze. Does it work? Well, some may be happy to see some nostalgic rebirth.

Somehow, working backwards in trend does have it's favor. Sounds like fashion.

Though I have not gotten any new retro figures, I do have the authentic 90's Kenner Batman of sub-recognizable Michael Keaton to present.

Here's Batman in Gold !!!

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