Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scythe Meister...the Assassin Transformed !!! #halloween special

Since Halloween is nearing and I have just managed to modify the 12 inch Scythe Meister figure, designed, by Mcfarlane Toys, as he was no longer able to feature in his original fashion. While making use of the coming season, I might as well do some justice to him and feature a updated post for him.

He is not a very well-known figure unless you are into Hellraiser movie, which is based on the works of Clive Baker. Does not appeal to many due to his hideous look and really scares off the kids which makes him an PG rating action figure.

With many parts of his accessories broken and messed up, I have to re-modify his head gear and take out the access equipment while replacing it with only the chains, giving him a metal chain head gear like a rocker. Complete with a spike collar that makes him lie a punk!. Since he got very cool long chains to play around, I wrapped him along with them to display come coolness.

Hi weapon comes with a trigger action and carrying it in his stance looks more like a guitarist with a screaming expression.

Here comes Halloween.....!

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  1. That is the most wicked action figure I've ever seen.

    1. Indeed, he still gives me the creeps every time I see it. But with the re-modification and his stance, he can play off as a hard rocker. Wonder how he looks standing beside Iron Maiden as a co-guitarist.