Friday, October 31, 2014

Dark Alliance of Lucifer


 Halloween is here and nothing beats the gathering of evil fun in the season and many toy geeks have been churning out Halloween goodies to savage the thirst of all collectors alike.

In this season, I finally got one of my long awaited figures and hitting the time is Lucifer from the Dark Alliance.

He was a collaboration of CHAOS, Eternal Toys, Diamond Select and Art Asylum and what I have is the limited edition of 1000 from the First Shots !!!

What do they mean??? I gather is the first production of 1000 Lucifer which they produced and limited edition is a far cry from reality as there are similar carded versions which carry amazing accessories such as his staff and chain of heads, but for this "special" limited box edition,, he is short changed !

I cannot judge any major difference of him being the first 1000 that makes him any better since I do not have the mass carded version to compare. However, sculpt wise there are no difference and I already start recommending this figure before I complete this post.

The only thing I discovered is that mine does not have any product company imprint on his foot base and I am not sure if this is what the first 1000 figures do not possess.

Well, let us move on to see how amazing this dark angel is.

First off, I like big figures and he definitely have the height of 10 inches tall and bulk that adds to it.

Second, his head sculpt and entire body are detailed with expression and sculpted veins.

Thirdly, paint wash of red and tones of black brings out the details and simplicity of the figure.

Fourth, he got "real" hairs for his beard and long pony tail topping up with 2 brown sculpted horns.

Fifth, amazing sculpting neck chain with individual locket which is very Egyptian design and a leather feel loin cloth covering his assets.

Last but maybe not least, if you got his staff and accessories, it will be a heck of a figure which not many action figures can match even until this day.

Produced in the early 2000, he is still an excellently sculpted action figure for his age and shall see many days to come.

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