Thursday, October 2, 2014

The plunge of Sabretooth

I have been looking through all Sabretooth and finally I settled with the Toybiz version which is a very classic and menacing Sabretooth for me. Although Hasbro has given us a new Sabretooth, he is still lacking in originality and plain sculpting.

Standing at 7 inches tall and packaged with classic costume, hair style, articulated fingers and great fearsome face sculpt showing his canine teeth, which I think it should be protruded longer.

Apart from the usual comments from the reviewers for his body "outgassing" that makes him sticky and some dislikes of his elbow joints, these do not make him a lesser action figure to get.

The other Sabretooth which can match up to this Toybiz version will be the Marvel Select version which is much taller in size.

For whichever Sabretooth is in your liking, he should deliver the same animal feel in him. Meow....? !!!

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