Monday, October 13, 2014

Prometheus to Aliens

The Iconic Xenomorph has been a great 80's movie, Aliens and it's sequel, which children only have Kenner figures to play around back then. For toy geeks, these are awesome but never have they thought of the day will come to actually see and get movie accurate figures until many have grown out of their younger years. If you survive the test of time and toy geekology process (which I have no idea what is it, Haha), your patience have paid off.

Movie accurate action figures mainly appears only in the early 21st Century designed by McFarlane followed by Neca.

Many have been and will be churned out for the market, which has reduced the excitement for the Xenomorph action figures and we are kind of sick of it, however, the heat still pushes on.

When we have a prequel to Alien......Prometheus in 2012, this strike a little spark again.

No matter how the movie has fared, the action figures designed by Neca, have given a level of excitement for Alien fans. Sounds like toys saved the movie for toy geeks.

Both the Engineer, in pressure suit and chair suit mode from Series 1 design, displayed amazing sculpt which led me to collect them and able to appreciate the toys more than the movie.

Even if you do not watch the movie, being an action figure enthusiast, will make up the ignorance.

If you compares the Pressure Suit Engineer against the Chair Suit Engineer, you can observe that the Pressure Suit Engineer is slightly smaller in size than Chair Suit Engineer. Why? I guess they take into account of the Engineer suiting up in Chair Suit which I think this is detail consideration.

The detailing in both Engineer figures are incredible for his size and to make a plain white base figure takes some challenge on the paint works to highlight the details on the Pressure Suit Engineer. Undeniably, the Chair Suit Engineer's black base paint work have brought out the detailing on the figure.

No matter how many times you watch the reviews online, nothing compares to seeing them in your hands.

In my opinion, both these Engineers are worth getting a stand in your collection even if you are not a die-hard Prometheus fan or just want good figures from the movie line.

Check them out and have fun collecting.

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  1. You gotta love NECA for making some of these iconic movie monsters to 7-inch plastic with great details.

  2. Yeh...the immerse details bring on the 3 dimensional into your hands.