Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aliens Power Loader

Anyone who have seen the movie, Aliens, will know the epic scene fight between Ripley and Alien Queen, using the Power Loader.

Released by Kenner toys in 1992, this iconic Power Loader handled by Ripley is a simple yet interesting playable toy. It is closest you can get to mimic the fighting scene during that era and toys are meant for play back then takes on serious battle damage and lost parts.

What I acquire here was passed down from a local collector's childhood collection which happen to go through the challenges. With the missile spent and both side cannons ripped off by Alien Queen (I supposed), what the Power Loader now left intact is the machine itself. I would say it is pretty well kept for it's age and it still have the stickers intact.

The basic concept of having your action figure to be strapped in the loader and able to manipulate the grappling action hands, firing off a missile are pure fun. Only gripe is that the "legs" are not designed as separate movable pieces but rather a simple molded track wheels with no wheels to roll.

The pistons are molded and painted to highlight it's function. Very 90's kind of work. On the size, he is about 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide from it's grapple to grapple ends.

If you do not have Ripley, you can also snap in a 5 inch action figure to try it on. Just like Batman did.

What else can you complain about for a toy like this for play. Other than this, you can pay a hefty price tag for a Hot Toys version or we can wait for some companies to produced a screen accurate design meant for 6 inch action figures. I suppose the day will come soon, just like Ed-209 has been revived.

So for  some flash back memories. Here is the infamous Power Loader. Somehow, it reminds me of Wall-E.......

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  1. Probably the best accessory of any action figure!

    1. It does empower the action figure a lot.