Monday, October 6, 2014

Sanity of Wolverine

Wolverine, an iconic character from X-Men. The metal animal that is almost invincible until he face a magnet. There is always a weakness no matter how strong you are.

Here is the Wolverine from the Marvel Legends boxset that is unmasked and with an angry open mouth roar. Signature Wolverine hairstyling that a hairy man needs.

Other than being in his classic yellow uniform, his face sculpt is one of the best. The only setback will be his "bendable' claws, shoulder pads which hinder his articulation and the lack of ab crunch. As for a good stance for a fight, he is still one pose-able figure to work on.

In my opinion, for the dirty wash paint job he was given, he has the scruffy Wolverine charisma that latest version misses.

Whichever Wolverine you choose, they win.......!

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