Wednesday, November 5, 2014

True Ogre in Tekken fighting game

Anyone who have played the Tekken 3 game will immediately recognize the figure which I will be introducing but not for folks like me who did not even play the game.

Purely chanced upon this figure named True Ogre in the series designed by Epoch. He is known to be the final king figure that you will fight if you manage to get your way there in the game. I wonder what is so true or no true in an Ogre?

The immediate impression that captures me are his demonic wings and horns coupled with a height of 7 inches tall and wingspan of 8 inches. He is quite a hefty figure that can still balances himself without the support of his tail but tends to topple with some tremors. The next you will find his right arm is a serpent head which I personally feels it is better than his head sculpt.

He dons a pair of scaly legs with fur sculpted on both legs and left hand claw.

His overall paint uses dark tone brown with shades of grey which shows off his details and there are bronze painted for the symbol on his back and sculpted leg band.

With quite an impressive details for a figure in 1999, he must have been a well-sought after prize for some but seems to be a forgotten figure as time passes by. In terms articulation, he has only 3 which includes both shoulders and waist. This is even worse than the standard 5 points articulations given by Kenner Star Wars figures. However, if you compare him to the Warcraft figures designed by DC Unlimited series, he can be well under the same category as statues rather than action figures.

As for an action figure, he is one that fulfills the fantasy of a game character and easily pose-able as a mystic monster creature for your collection.

And since I cannot find much reviews or exposure on this True Ogre at the time of writing this post, it may be a good reference point for some in hunting.

Name : True Ogre
Date of Birth : 1999
Origin : Tekken 3
Source : Epoch

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