Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saving He-Man

With my recent prize jewel of Masters of the Universe stash, my project was to restore them to their formal glory since they suffered from the common leg disorder "disease" of all 1980's born figures.

It was not the first time I done this operation and all thanks for the good folks of Youtube sharing their ingenious idea on restoration for them which I am going to share it here even if you may have already know. It is for the benefit of many others and for my revision in future.

However, this is a fun ordeal for any toy collectors who are able to put their hands to repair their toys. It makes it very interesting for me to spend my private time with them proper again. It's a hobby not work. No stress just pure fun.

Before I wheel out the figures out from my operation table, I will include an example from Youtube for the repair for your reference. I will not be going through the whole process but just to highlight some tips which I came across during my operation that may help you better based on my experience.

Preparation :

Parts -

1) C-Hook Diameter 1/2 inch. I prefer to use an open-end hook.
2) Rubber "O" Ring used for plumbing Diameter. Some may use bigger size "O" ring.

Tools -

1) A pair of Pliers
2) A pair of wire cutter
3) Screwdriver (Use for digging out excess rubber and for support)
4) A string or wire
5) A drill bit (Dia 4.2mm) (Not necessary but helps to dig out the excess rubber in the leg)


1) Remove all excess rubber in the legs by digging using a screwdriver and / or you can hand turn a drill bit to remove the rubber.

2) Use a pair of pliers to hold the C-Hook and screw into both legs. One C-Hook for one leg.

3) Hook on the "O' ring and close the C-Hook using the pliers for one leg.

4) Loop a string or wire into the "O" ring with the C-Hook and string through the access hole inside the leg compartment and pull over the "O" ring

5) Use a screwdriver to support the "O" ring and use the pliers to hold the C-Hook to support your screwing of your leg further inwards.

 Walah ! A Healthy He-Man.

Reference video for repair from good folks of Youtube.


  1. Fantastic! Nice to see these original figures being brought back to fighting form.

    1. Yes. it has been fun bringing them back. Thanks John.

  2. I bough a Faker at a toy show, and then a few months later he broke, he had already previously been repaired.

    1. In times to come, he will break. Now I guess he is in better condition than before. Nice!

  3. ingenious! and with the C-Hook, it's a lot more sturdy and durable.

    1. In my opinion, this is a better solution with the C-hook. You can just replace the O-ring if needed in future. Cheers