Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Portraits of Toyz : Pile Driver - I am Piling Legend

For the start of July 2013, Introducting PileDriver from the Wreckers? How many really know this guy? I don't!

Pile Driver is a mechanical device driving piles into the ground for the foundation of buildings. Am I in the wrong blog?

Actually, he is part of the team called Wreckers who obviously, does bad stuff and ever works with Loki.

As an action figure, he can can be easily missed due to his low profile identity of you are not a comic book reader for Marvels.

For a kid, he is good for it's size but the colors does not stands out to attract them.

For adult collectors, if you know him, you will claim him but another setback is that you will be getting the same body for his partner, Thunderball, except for the change in head and color. Hasbro just re-use the same body parts to create another character and package up to sell to you.

With me, he just got to pose and he does have great poses to show off.


  1. You need to have all of the Wrecking Crew or this guy is pretty useless I think but good thing the rest are making there way out.

  2. Yes indeed but judging on the way they are pushing out the figures, it makes getting the group together harder. To find Thunderball is already a problem here, as the mass market do not get. Well, that is how they manipulate the "rarities". Anyway, time will bring them together, that is the fun in collecting.