Monday, July 22, 2013

Toy Viewing : Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy, a zombie supervillian, created by DC Comics.

He is not a welcoming figure for all and not as popular as Bizarro and being in this figure created by Alex Ross, he is not a figure in most of the wanted list, judging from the weak reviews he has in the internet. Eventually, led me to guess that his popularity is limited.

However, I like the sculpt and zombie creation of him in this figure. The features and details are in depth but lacking articulations for his lower part of his body. He is basically a statue form other than turning his head and waist together with the arms and elbows.

I have searching for a long time for him since I have missed him during the retail period, so it is one zombie figure I classified him under more than a comic character. He can stand in the group of my darker collection.

Well, if you are a fan for Solomon or wanted a figure to add into your zombie collection, he is one perfect fit.

I heard there will be another up size Solomon Grundy coming up from DC and he does looks good too. Big and detail? Let us look forward but for now, this is one Grundy whom you should not miss.

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