Sunday, June 30, 2013

Collection Exposed : Exo-Skeleton Ninja Turtle Power

We will be crossing the half mark of 2013 by tomorrow. Here is one last post for June.

Scrambling through my pile of old collections, I bring light to this little Exo-skeleton Ninja Turtle. Is that Raphael?

The exo-skeleton robot can be "controlled" by Raphael and he drives this mini beast to fight off the villains. This was picked up many years back in the flea market and I believe there are some missing parts but he is somewhat complete to me. The top hook seems to hold some parts which I have no idea.

Raphael is also articulated on his arms and limbs plus rotation of his head. He is barely 2.5 inch tall and the exo-skeleton suit reaches a mere 4.5 inches.

The suit is articulated on the arms and limbs with hand rotation. A transparent head for the turtle to see through or protects him from attacks.

This is one 90's toy which includes interesting details of useless pistons and playability to bundle in.


  1. This is cool! And is that Marvel's Gremlin?

  2. Yes that is the Gremlin from Marvel. Taken from the MechaHulk. Just how tall this turtle is.

  3. and here we thought only Iron Man has the smarts to create machines. Awesome figure, man!

    1. A bulk up turtle power. Thanks man.