Thursday, July 4, 2013

Watch Movie : Despicable ME 2

When Despicable Me came out in the silver screen, it was not a big bam at the beginning. Creating a new breed of cute cuddly minions to entice the animation market into the children's world needs creativity and timing. Not all are successful but this time, the minions work hard for it and they have hold their position in the hearts of all children and adults.

Here is Despicable Me 2 and I will watch it as the first movie is funny yet can be watch over again for me.

This time, Gru, is going to save the world? He is suppose to be despicable and somehow the three little girls have soften him in the first movie where is returns the Moon to the world.

Now what will he be up to and how his reliable minions are there to support him. Watch out for this funny animation.

Here are the trailers and some minions stupid moves for fun. Hilarious little creature.


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