Monday, July 29, 2013

Collection Exposed : He-Man & Skeletor Vintage Classics

At last, after so many years, they are finally able to stand up to this publicity and still around to be on the internet, in this blog.

When Masters of the Universe, first came out, it was about 1982 and we welcome them. They are so much fun and heroic in many ways for the kids back then.

Now all have grown up and Mattel has re-launched the classics line into collectors edition for the then children, who should be in their 30's now. With earning power and by the power of Grayskull, the action figures grown bigger, better and more costly. These figures are classified for adult collectors and children now, will not know who He-Man was and there is practically no play value to them. But we still continue to adore them.

With the on-going of the current classics line, the vintage line is still a fun collection to go with.

As age catches up with them, they have settled with disease on their legs or even end up in natural "amputation". However, with the new era, there are new innovation techniques to "cure" their disease and get them standing up again. All thanks to the good folks and fans out there, you can save your vintage collection action figures and put them back to their former glory again.

You may not get such quality of toys now as many will shun them. Featuring a basic five points articulation, cheap plastics armor and accessories, a rubber head, minimal paint job and out of proportions figure. Both cats are simple animal toys that couple with armor. All these are amazing back in the 80's and makes them an iconic vintage toys now.

Without much a do, let us welcome our favorite characters from the MOTU, He-Man & Battle-Cat, Skeletor & Panthor.

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