Friday, July 5, 2013

What's the Catch?: The Mummy

Who is afraid of the Mummy?

In the back and white silver screen days, monsters of such are terrifying and Boris Karloff has brought one of these monsters back to life in his movies, The Mummy.

From the Universal Studios, Sideshow Toy gave us a version of these replica back in the 1998 and he is one good classic figure. If you want to see how Mummies are originally depicted in movies, this is the guy to watch.

Comes with a detailed base and accessories to fit in, you can create a nightmare for yourself.

This is the first figure of the wave I managed to get hold of and hopefully, I can get the rest of them, like Frankenstein and Woflman.

Meantime, some history and interesting features of him.


  1. Hopefully I can find the other 2 awesome figures as well.

  2. I think Diamond Select Toys also has their own 8-inch scale version of the Mummy from that classic movie. It also looks awesome and comes with accessories probably the same as this one.

    1. Yes you reminded me, which I think I am unable to find them in local stores. Best of all, I got this at a good price. :)