Friday, August 9, 2013

What's the Catch? : DC Universe Black Hand

Black Hand from the DC Universe Classics and from the Green Lantern line. Other than Batman and Superman from DC line which I collect, basically, I do not take in other characters. Here is one character which I do not know again but am impressed with it's sculpt and style.

He looks cool and somewhat close to range in Marvel legends standards. He is the Black Hand from the Green Lantern series.

Little did I know about him but this figure is cool. The head sculpt is detail and the blue and black costume calls in the evil all over him. This is one figure that is close to Marvel legends standards.

His rugged pale skin on his face just brings on the evil and coldness in him. A direct recognizable supervillain bundle with basic articulations of a DC action figures and features a black ring on his right hand. The metallic sign on his head gear and chest shines on.

With DC continues to chunk out less significant characters just like Marvel is doing, we will be seeing figures which we never get to have. Move aside, Superman, Batman, here comes those who have been forgotten or not known to many yet.

Welcome Black Hand !