Friday, January 11, 2013

What's the Catch? : Mrs Claus

Christmas is over for 2012 but it has not arrive for this year. Looking on this side of the year, we are less the 12 months to Christmas now !!!

Before the end of last Christmas, I managed to clinch a figure from my wishlist, who is Mrs Claus.

A younger and sexier days of her depicted in pole dancing, which is not a very educational part to play.

However, being young and sexy does have her appeal in every sense for the North Pole. Hopefully, she brings on hope for this year Christmas again.

Created by McFarlane, she is needless to say, a very well sculpted figure which is less of her articulation. All she can do is to cling onto the lollipop pole and swing. A very fine display piece but a not so playable action figure.

Apart from being sexy, her face is well done not medium rare and figure is proportionally exemplifies. Not overly busted like those anime figures out there which seems to be implanted heavily with gels.

Maybe, I may release her from her bubble enclosure for a detail viewing but for the time being, here is she for another reason to be joyous !!!


  1. Mrs.Claus never looked so good...or sexy! Congrats on the figure my friend. : )

  2. Absolutely great and thanks buddy :)