Friday, January 4, 2013

What's the Catch : Billy the Kid

I caught the outlaw, Billy the Kid, the most noted killer of the American Wild West.

Remember the Movie, Young Guns and the music by Jon Bon Jovi. All sums up for the Wild West adventure.

I picked up this loose figure produced by McFarlane from a fellow collector. The details that McFarlane put through is undeniably good and I have no compliants about it.

However, his articulation is bad since he is suppose to be a statue figure but couldn't they just give him the knee articulation. At least, I can get him to stand on both legs instead of stepping on the coffin. Now he either can hop on one leg or find a stool to maintain his cool stance.

Came with 2 rifles but I guess mine just lost his pistol, he is also packed with an "incomplete" corpse like figure in the coffin.

The corpse is basically hollow at the back with no articulation at all. He is meant to be in the coffin so they did not even bother to make him a complete figure. That is disappointing.

Coffin itself is highly detail and looks like a crate.

Overall, he is a cool figure to get if you can get him at your reasonable price to pay before the sheriffs are here to claim him back.


  1. Nice looking cowboy action figure.

  2. Every boy needs a cowboy in his collection. Hee Ha