Monday, January 14, 2013

What's the Catch? : Mecha Hulk !!!

This is one awesome catch which I need to share out BIG!

It's the Mecha Hulk from Toybiz, which I have been trying to hunt him down for quite some time. Known for it's somewhat hefty price to bring him down, I managed to gather up my reasonable sums to acquire him.

However, he comes loose and slightly incomplete but still within my expectations since I do not need the missing parts which I will share later.

Great sculpting and paint work which some says looks like custom. From head to toe, he is packed with details and mass for an 8 inch action figure and makes him one of the highly priced single action figure produced by Toybiz lines in the open market now.

Head looks Terminator endoskeleton. Long arms of a gorilla. Mechanical features of a cyborg. He is not a bit like a Hulk except for his green paint. He can be anybody.

Comes with the gremlin which is also highly detailed for it's size and simple 4 points articulation, which makes it 2 figures when you get them.

The only parts which my Mecha Hulk went missing are his nipple missiles which I personally can live without them. That makes him safe as he got nothing to launch now, no issues on clearance.

So if you need more detail reviews before you decide, there are aplenty out there for you to view.

Here comes the Mecha Hulk, arggggg......


  1. This thing is awesome! And it came with the Gremlin too? How cool.

  2. Yes, he is one of the holy grail produced by toybiz. Packs in a gremlin which is equally well done. Thanks. Hope u enjoy the view of him.