Friday, January 18, 2013

What's the Catch? : MATRIX APU

Another great find with years of patience and chance upon this APU from the Matrix movie produced by McFarlane.

Almost everybody knows the movie and even watch it. Apart from the plot, McFarlane has produced a truly commendable movie replica of the APU which is cited in the last battle in Zion. This is the APU in Mifune's last stand!

Set aside the movie, the toy itself is insanely packed with details that can be referred to the actual machine however, after going through all the reviews in the market, fragility is the problem here for this menace.

Many suffered breakage even before the release from it's cargo. Bad news !!!

However, nothing can kill the good about this toy for it's detail that comes with it. If you have seen the AMP vehicle from Avatar, you can just stash that aside and put this in the throne of your collection.

Without further a do, I can only show you the box and a movie clip for refreshment.

For time being, I think he is still better off in this window display box. 

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